Saturday, April 29, 2006

Making Squares Into Circles As We Age

Recently a high school classmate, Teri, sent me a surprise e-mail and mentioned that she found my contact info from a 40-year reunion list. I was moved. It had not occurred that my 1966 graduation from Alemany High School in Mission Hills, Ca., was actually 40 years ago. Impossible. Teri and I have continued our lifetime catch-ups, along with several other classmates who have connected through this electronic medium that did not exist in 1966.

Age and aging has come to my focus. Last week's venture in Marina del Rey at Jer-ne was centered around my longtime friend's 64th birthday. I saw acquaintances I haven't seen for almost 20 years. These women looked fabulous, but lamented their age. Girlfriends, don't ever lament your wisdom that age brings.

Turning 50 was a wonderful moment in my life--I BECAME FREE OF YOUTH. I don't need to list all the youthful agonies that many of us have survived. And I can tell you that I'm glad that part of my life is over. My vision and focus is clear and directed and without youthful indiscretionous-interruptus.

The jer-ne has just begun and each new square that I face I imagine how I can turn it into a new circle of growth. Photo: Alemany High School Drill Team from "Recuerdos '66."

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Teri said...

That's the key: "Never lament the Wisdom that age brings". Absolutely! It's priceless! Teri