Thursday, October 12, 2006

Karl Rove Thinks I'm Stupid. But Fashionista Friend Resolves My Shoe Crisis.

Yesterday I was late for work. President George Bush gave his Rose Garden address. I learned that Karl Rove thinks S-T-U-P-I-D is emblazoned across my forehead. The speech reminded me of something L. Frank Baum would have written: Dorothy, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. I want to have faith in my government, but with the recent death of Habeas Corpus only the remnants of a democratic government remain.

But on the bright side, my fashionista friend, Diana, helped me resolve my shoe quandary. It's a mule--a very fancy schmanzy, coppery, glitzy mule that perfectly matches a similar kind of dress. So for my piano lesson today I will perform every piano student's syncopated practice song, Riding on a Mule.

KABOOM! Another big boom just exploded over Los Alamos. From my office I view the national laboratory city. We even watch their 4th of July fireworks from our back porch. Explosive noises carry well in New Mexico's rarified high-altitude air. There's no mushroom cloud over the labs, so I guess it's an in-house test that is performed somewhat regularly behind the top secret curtains of Los Alamos.

Maybe Baum is posthumously running this administration as if life was just one big fictional tale. Perhaps if I click my coppery mules together three times, we'll return to a government that is based on non-fiction.

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