Friday, January 05, 2007

How to Cheer a Soldier's Heart?

My Iraqi based nephew recently sent an email to let us all know that he remains a desert-sand sleuth for the US Army.

His tone was not cheery. And how can I not say, no surprise? Our soldiers over there know that as a country, we have demanded change in Iraq and that we want our soldiers home. I imagine that if one measured my daily dismay of going into work to shuffle paper and listen to well-heeled customers whine and demand the most silly of concerns, my distraught wouldn’t even measure to what our soldiers might reckon upon their daily awakening.

I don’t know how to make it better. The mother’s heart that pumps life-force through me is overwhelmed.

Gifts? Cards? Emails? I don’t know. However, if a reader would like some mailing addresses of our volunteer soldiers in Iraq, email me and I’ll get that information out.

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Anonymous said...

My 19 year old son was compelled to enlist after 9/11 and so he did. He spent 2 years in Korea in and around the DMZ and when he returned to visit us recently, it was a quick and forced realization that my 19 year old boy was no longer 19 nor a boy. He's now deployed to the conflicts in the Middle East. It's been 10 days since he deployed which translates to 10 sleepless nights for mom. Oy vey. It's going to be a long year. May peace be upon us soon.