Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jennifer Aniston's Tale Trumped by Compassion in Art

Tuesday's work load exhausted me. But a days-end,laugh-filled telecon with mama-to-be-daughter, Ocean, refueled my energy. She retold chef daughter, Dakota's, recent conversation about the crazy weekend at Sunset Tower Hotel: Jennifer Aniston's (one of Dakota's fave regulars) paparazzi swarm (see, post June 21,2007); and a near riot Sunday afternoon because of rival rappers TI and Ludacris issues during a Power Brunch--LA event(,16109,1636737,00.html).

I rushed home and drafted a gossipy celb-blog. This morning I opened the following e-mail, and its value out weighed the celebrity tales. Please read on.

The following link was sent to me by a friend who is a Special Forces operator with extensive GWOT deployment. Kaziah's story speaks for itself, I can only caution you to be prepared for some leakage.

After receiving the forward I was compelled to do some additional research about this remarkable woman, her talents, and her compassion. I found an additional interview (be patient as you will first have to bear the KARE-NBC commercial), but Kaziah's remarks at the end make any wait worth the time.

Kaziah Hancock's work has been endorsed by DOD and organized into Project Compassion.

Very respectfully, and with warm fraternal regard, I remain in your service...

sine pari,

George P. Farris

It's well worth your time to follow the first link about Kaziah Hancock and her passion to paint portraits of fallen soldiers.

As a news addict, compassion seems trumped by aggression, but this story about compassion in art trumps celebrities and silly rappers with--what seems--little to offer folks who have lost their loved ones in this war.

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