Thursday, May 11, 2006

Motherly Angst--Chef Weiss Gets LA Times Review

This morning's email from my daughter, Dakota (AKA Chef Dakota Weiss), forwarded the announcement from the Ritz-Carlton media department that Jer-ne, will be reviewed in the LA Times later this May.

OWY-CWAP! For an up and coming chef it's a huge event. For her mom, YIKES! Dakota's culinary skills rock and her stellar career proves it. The media loves her for feature stories and her "Tuna carpaccio with shaved fennel and watermelon" recipe was featured in a recent LA Times piece and just showed up on (Refresh with raw tuna Daily Press - Newport News,VA) You go girl! But a review is a whole different creature.

I love reading restaurant reviews. Sometimes the reviewers are hysterical. (Go ahead and take 'hysterical' anyway you choose.) But just one tweak of the spatula can make a reviewer call it a four star or a one star dining experience.

Meanwhile Dakota's sister, Ocean (our family attorney) is on a big case and I pray she nails it. But I guess this is what mother's do.

Photo: Chef Weiss teaching a cooking class in Tampa, FL.


dakota said...

thanks for the NICE picture mom! Could you maybe put a more attractive one on next time?

Charmaine Coimbra said...

That's a great photo. I was close to using the one with the green hair or the crab in your face! Maybe next time ;-) KOYN Mom