Thursday, May 25, 2006

Winners and Chaos

May 24, 2006. Santa Fe, NM. The LA Times food critic's review of my daughter and the restaurant Jer-ne. American Idol results.

My telephone rang so much in the early morning that I didn't have time to make lunch for my day's work. E-mails ran rampant over the LA Times headline: Jer-ne's new chef Dakota Weiss brings sparkle and a sense of fun to the Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey.,1,6248839.story?coll=la-headlines-food

Thank you S. Irene Virbila of the LA Times for words in the review that referred to my daughter, "A fresh talent," "talent and taste intact," "a talented cook," "finesse," and "Very Versace."

So I could unload that stress puppy and wait for the American Idol finals even though I'm quite sure Taylor Hicks is the anointed. Heck, he makes me get up and boogie and I'm old enough to be his mother.

May 24, 2006 brought winners to my court. Life is good.

Well, life is good if one doesn't live/battle in Iraq, if one isn't dreaming of becoming an immigrant, if one speaks a different language than English in America, or if one's community isn't AIDS ridden.

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