Sunday, May 21, 2006

Honoring Mary McGrath

Many people have come and gone in my life. A few stayed for the ride. But one jumped the roller coaster too soon.

Two years ago Mary was unexpectedly yanked from this ride by death. Mary was genuine and the real deal. She left behind a memory that is hard to shake. She left an impression. She was one of the few good.

I first met her in 1955. We took our First Communion together, graduated from grade school and high school together, partook in each other's weddings, watched each other's kids grow, and shared the grief of doomed partnerships.

I'm writing a new book with the working title "We Were The California Girls." It's about my patchwork life and the girlfriends who were always there when the world crashed around me. Mary is one of those California girls. When I pulled her photo from an old trunk today, I sobbed like I did the moment I had to order flowers for her funeral.

Honoring Mary Dermody McGrath is the least I can do for all the presumptive moments of friendship.


Teri said...

Mary would be thrilled to know that she is now a part of your work, your love of writing and sharing stories so the rest of us can have a sense of, and learn from. She is truly lucky to have had you in her short, but friend-filled life. Those of us who knew her for a short while, mourn her and all those who have passed. I look forward to reading about you and Mary with all the joy and sorrow of life. your friend, Teri

Charmaine Coimbra said...

Kisses on Teri's nose! I received an email from Mary's brother who noted that Mary is probably 'up there' working to make us do better with our daily lives.

That really struck a chord because I had planned to blog a bitch! I get frustrated with cruel-hearted people that I run into during my day-to-day life, so I want to scorn them with my written words.

But I think Mary intervened, calmed me down and nudged me to write about the good. ;-)