Saturday, January 27, 2007

Part 1. The Flags

Recently, a friend noted that I write more about one daughter (Chef Dakota) than the other. Well, yes, that is true. There’s a reason for it. My first born, Ocean, has been a busy wife, lawyer, and community volunteer. Her main project, however, has been to become a mother.

The moment her pregnancy was initiated flags were raised and lowered. I suspect this flag dance is something Ocean’s maternal instinct sensed and the reason why we kept news of her pregnancy within Santa Fe city limits.

The green flag rose when her doctor confirmed the nuances of stage one pregnancy. Shortly, a yellow flag arose. But we kept so positive and hopeful that we tossed pails of blue into that yellow flag to force it back to green. An unexpected red flag ripped our positive air away. Last week, a half-mast solemn black flag swayed in the frigid New Mexico air. It was a flag of loss and change.

A skilled specialist did save the pregnancy and told my daughter and son-in-law that they could reel the green flag back into the sky.

Now there are showers to plan and shopping to do while we anxiously await the unfurling of a mid-summer’s checkered flag announcing the birth of our first grandchild.

Part 2 of this news will follow soon.

Photo: Soon to be parents, Ocean & Randy.

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Allie & Jay said...

Auntie Char, Please give Ocean and Randy our very best wishes and prayers. Having spent 6 months on my back after losing a twin fetus that never developed and being told that we lost our pregnancy all together we understand all to well about the flags. I am cautiously optimistic for you all (please run spell check on this if you post it I have a 21 mo old Hannah hanging off the keyboard) but please let Ocean know if she ever needs some encouragement from another Mommy who had a very rough pregnancy to please email or just call me. I and Jason suffered through 9 months of hell followed by the greatest 2 years of our lives. 5-8 different doctors appointments a week an ultrasound almost every week and hemorraging for 7 1/2 months, gaining 40 pounds (after losing 130 pounds the roller coaster never ends), and an emergency old fashioned vertical C-section later we were holding a little piece of heaven that God gave just to us. Keep her spirits up and never give in or up until you hold that precious dream in your arms, then kiss him for Auntie Allie and Uncle Jay!!