Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Part 2. The Flags

A bout of mother’s angst struck me to tears. ANYTHING awry with my children raises my personal worry level. So as the flags of my daughter and son-in-law’s pregnancy changed, I broke down. Unknowns still lingered.

I slid my way through the non-ending January ice and fishtailed up my driveway. An excellent California Central Coast syrah was still boxed in a cool room. Usually we save this cache for special moments. This was a special moment, but not of the positive variety. Corked and poured, the syrah and I went to my computer.

The evening email-check opened what I term as AHS 66 banter to those not of the AHS cyber world. I’ve tried explaining this phenomenon to spouse, kids, and coworkers, but they give me that deer-in-the-headlight look. (Check out my 8/28/06 post, Maroon and Grey.)

This evening's banter was witty and funny. I laughed so hard that the day’s stress level took a dive. So I jetted out an email to the authors thanking them for being so amusing and breaking my woe-is-me-syndrome. BAM! In cyber seconds my in-box notice--Mick Jagger noting, “You’ve got lettas,” gasped the aging Brit’s recording. Thoughtful and kind words, even a link to the song, “Smile” cupped more pleasant after notes than the excellent syrah, now neglected on my desk.

Unintentionally, I waved a white flag. A surprise banner made by former Catholic school kids, albeit we are closer to 60 than 16, soared thru cyberspace and made me “…smile thro’ (my) fear and sorrow, Smile and maybe tomorrow, (I’ll) see the sun come shin-ing thru…”

Thanks Monarchs and “The Laughing Misfits.”

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