Saturday, February 10, 2007

Updating Wild Fibroids, Sgt. Jer, Daughter & Grandchild

The good news: No call from the doctor saying, "We need to see you right away." Instead, the nurse called and reported that all is well inside my body, other than a fibroid gone wild--which we all suspected anyway.

Our nephew in Iraq, Sgt. Jer, is doing well. He said he just needs a few things like lithium batteries for his night vision goggles, coffee and creamer. Any readers have a good deal on the batteries? Let me know.

But I am curious why a soldier would be short such a basic item. God love these brave kids because I sure do.

(I know, they are not all kids...but at my age, I can say that!)

Our soon-to-be beautiful grandchild is doing well, reports our four-pounds-up-in weight daughter. YES!

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