Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Will Spring Winds Blow the Bad Air Out?

Like the springtime winds that blow across the Santa Fe landscape, I’m harried and distracted. So many issues are in the air and swirling in tornado-like fury that I find it challenging to place my thoughts into one basket.

I sketched a comedic blog about butt cracks just about the time American Idol zapped my Tuesday nights. (And I swore I would not get hooked into it this year.) Dakota fed me a blog idea about wine, babies and bets—which I have written—and then the right-wing pundit, Ann Coulter, called presidential candidate John Edwards a faggot. Well, that pushed all my buttons. Meanwhile both of my computers started coughing, wheezing and choking. Blowing my own nose and snorting Zicam like an addict, I blew off my computer issues to the pollen filled air. As my laptop limped to get on-line (while I cleaned my top desk drawer, dusted the filing cabinet and swept behind an ailing plant—yes, my computer is that slow) I sat down for my early a.m. dose of e-news and broke down in tears. “A press conference is slated for noon,” ended the report about candidate Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth.

Down the hall I ran. I flipped on CNN. Sadly, Elizabeth Edwards’ positive prognosis seems to shrink. She said that life goes on and this country needs her husband. I agree that we need a president with integrity and the will to serve the people. It is not for me to say how one must go through cancer survival/battle. However, the vile negativity that dwells within our political system and culture worries me. Perhaps Elizabeth Edwards has thicker skin than I, but I can not imagine that the constant poisoned arrows aimed at her husband’s candidacy will not affect her overall well-being.

While rowdy winds disrupt they also blow the bad air out. Me? I think I’ll walk directly into the source and see what happens.

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