Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Domino House

Suddenly I dwell inside a house of dominoes. Just one small misstep and the entire house begins its collapse. Example: Both of my computers coughed, snorted and whined. I called a local repair shop. The guy said, “Yeah, I can have them up and running in two days from now.” Ten days later the computers are dust collectors in the back of a computer repair shop. I’ll bypass the excuses and drama, except to mention that the domino effect began.

Ugly crawled through my blood. Meanwhile the media and the alleged news-types were all aghast at the Imus affair, and I’m thinkin’ I really needed to cuss at somebody—loud and belligerence-filled cussing—but I couldn’t because political correctness went back on the table. Darn!

Here we were getting nasty with our talk about people with diseases, people of different cultures and races, people with different ideals, and one old worn radio talk show host blows it. So now I had to swallow my tendency to say things that should maybe not be said, smile, and thank the computer repair company for totally screwing up my immediate life.

Last week I ran out of breath chasing and fixing collapsing dominoes.

My computers remain in their limping state. I’m 0-2 on computer repair attempts (the first guy never returned my phone calls). Will attempt three be charmed? Will attempt three install bricks instead of dominoes as my immediate foundation? To be continued.

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