Thursday, May 31, 2007

Santa Fe Mother Blogger Surfaces for Air

I’m gasping for air today as if I’ve been swept under by some liquid deluge. Two appointments were unexpectedly cancelled this morning. That bobbed my head from the flood for a few seconds. It feels good to breathe.

It’s short-lived, however. In an hour or so I’ll have to take an enormous deep breath and prep for another dive. Meanwhile, when Hank (the pooch you’ll find on my assorted websites) and I take our daily walk through the Santa Fe foothills, he’s obsessed with the bunny and hare explosion and I’m amazed at the wildflowers that line our walking paths. For all the whining and complaining I did about the snow-plagued winter, the May pay off is spectacular.

Writer friend, Judith Fein ( recently sold an article to an in-flight magazine in which she interviewed Santa Fe locals—including myself--about what they love about this 7000 ft. high city. Truthfully, many things about Santa Fe annoy the living crap out of me. But one of the reasons spouse and I moved here 20 years ago, was for the spectacular scenery, the brilliant colors of nature that thrive in mountain air, the quiet spaces and remarkable evenings. I still love these elements and have developed a rather fond attachment to what each season creates.

So while I have been in the throws of keeping my domino house intact, these morning walks through the wildflower covered hillsides has kept me sane and focused. And I should mention that most of my former computer ailments have been rectified by a patient and brilliant young man, Carlos Gonzales. Just a few upgrades remain a work in progress.

That’s it for now. Several tons of rock is on its way to mi casa, and I must clear the driveway of cars and debris so that the violet stones can be spread over the dirt. It’s sooooo Santa Fe.

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