Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chef Dakota Weiss #1 At & Sgt. Jer Update

We put out the vote yesterday and bumped Chef Doug Silberberg from the #1 position in the Last Chef Standing Los Angeles competition. Voters: Thanks from Dakota and the rest of us. But it ain’t over. So keep those votes coming. Go to, click Vote, click Los Angeles, then vote for Dakota Weiss. I’m not sure what we will do should Dakota win the regional contest, and maybe even the national. Sounds like a humungo party will be in order.

Meanwhile, Dakota’s cousin, Sgt. Jeremy Munds (AKA Sgt. Jer) is another winner. He is in Iraq and we pray that he remains sheltered and blessed. I kind of know where he is in Iraq, and like he said in a recent e-mail, it’s all kinds of crazy there and we won’t hear from him for another week or so. Besides Dakota’s voting campaign, we (pregnant daughter Ocean and I) are on a goodie box-campaign for Sgt. Jer and his troops. We will send one out mid June. All happy donations are accepted. They mostly want munchies, smokes, and batteries.

Santa Feans can drop off goodies at my office in DeVargas Mall at Genesis Spas and Pool Supply

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