Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Great Blue Heron Delivery? Storks Part 2.

Debating Dr. Frank, this just came in from Bob:

In our zeal to unearth the most suitable delivery bird for Ocean and Randy's little one, I chose to disregard Dr. Frank's slings and arrows directed at our Southern California renewing wetlands and the noble egret. I fully agree that Frank's saddle-billed stork is a splendid bird. My only caution is that glaring "saddle" on the proboscis of the South African species. Jimmy Durante would, no doubt, be very proud of that bird's wondrous beak.

After diligent research (and the neglect of my legal duties of the day) I have a suggested alternative: The Great Blue Heron, Ardea herodias. (This is an archival photo and not my own work, as the migratory season for the Great Blue is later this year.) I might also note that the GB Heron's natural habitat is the shoreline or fresh and saltwater wetlands. This seems particularly apt for "Ocean's child". The red, white and blue plumage of the GB Heron is an obvious plus.


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