Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Stork A 'Comith

"Mom,I think the stories you once told me about storks and babies is maybe not so much true," began very much pregnant daughter, Ocean. (Pictured with her hubby, Randy)

So I'm posting the following to prove that the stork with our future grandson's delivery is alive and well--and I think presently crossing the Atlantic heading west to New Mexico. How long will it take?

The good doctor of nature, Frank Bonaccorso, recently visited southern Africa. He writes in the Alemany66.blogspot.com, "If you are a bird fancier, there are over 700 kinds of birds in southern Africa. You never know what will turn up next. For example, there are some really big birds. Everyone is familiar with ostriches, but how about a semi-bald 5-foot high stork with a goiter problem. That is the marabou stork...That big sac hanging off the throat is a resonating chamber to enhance the mating call. If you were this ugly you would have to have an awesome mating call."

It was good to hear that the stork is out there and found Frank's lense...cuz I got a daughter and son-in-law waiting for that stork's call...soon.

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